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Title:Kenapa Kita Gugup Kalau Ngomong di Depan Umum?

Whether it's in front of the class, in committee meetings, or in a speech contest during the 17's, speaking in public is always a terrible monster. If you already like this, the body becomes trembling, heart beating abysmally, sweat dripping, the view suddenly disappears, even ... until fainting! The survey also said that speaking in public was the thing most humans routinely - more frightening than height, insects and darkness. But the question is, why is speaking so publicly so scary? Enjoy the video! --- Ask your strange questions here! NGGA any stupid questions! 'How come' it's not just trying to answer questions that look stupid, weird and stupid here, but also trying to foster your curiosity about everything in this world. So what are you waiting for? Come on subscribe, let's watch the videos and go curiosity! --- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: Min, what uploads every day? A: Every Wednesday. But sometimes there are videos that take longer to make. So stay tuned! Q: Min, what software do you use the animation for? A: Adobe after effects Q: MIN, WHY IS THE VIDEO ON THIS MONTH? A: Meatballs are inspiration * wink --- Follow our social media for more updates, stuff and facts! Facebook: Instagram: Line: Twitter: --- For business inquiries: --- References: --- Credits: - Kevin MacLeod for awesome music - Tiffani Angelica, for this episode's end narrator ( - And a massive THANK YOU to everyone for watching this and for all of your support!


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