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Title:Mistakes That Prevent You from Earning $2,753,000 in Roblox Jailbreak

Jailbreak INSANE CASH With THIS Safe Method? (Roblox Jailbreak) Recently Asimo3089 pushed an update with changes, including giving more cash from duplicates. With this buff from the safe system, players will now get more cash back from duplicates in Jailbreak. However, players have been getting 1-3 million dollar in Jailbreak from this new revamp. Let's test out this BIGGEST MYTH in Roblox Jailbreak Safe Revamp. Watch until the end to see if this myth is true. Jailbreak Season 11 is here! 🏆 S-11: Toys & Collectibles! With all new free prizes and 2 vehicles to win! 🎉 New SAFE System! Your old safes have been converted to equal value! 🔥 24+ new safe prizes! Discover legendary prizes including vehicles! 💰 New Passenger train and Cargo train robberies! 🚂 Extended railroad track that reaches Crater City! ❤️ Plus a whole lot more! Enjoy the update 🎊Tier 1 costs $5,000 cash. Inside you'll find - Badonut Tires - Slasher Rims - Terminator Wing - Plus prizes from the old safe system! 🎊 Tier 2 costs $15,000 cash. Inside you'll find; - Abstract Rims - Grand Piano - Construction Tires - RFX Rims - Firespitter Wing 🎊 Tier 3 costs $35,000 cash. Inside you'll find: - Plane Chair - Rally Rims - Cyber Couch - Police Rims - Airline Wing - Tracer Tires 🎊 Tier 4 will be $75,000 cash. - Hold E Rims by - Japan Tire & RoadWarrior Skin - Dino Display - Speed Tire - GTRWing - Dabloons - RaceWing 🚀 Finally, Tier 5! Priced at $100,000: - The SHELL CLASSIC Vehicle - Tesseract Rims & Lightning Tire - Dragon Wing - King Wing - Vault Rims jailbreak xp chart SEASON 11 will be all about TOYS & COLLECTIBLES. Badimo wants a totally fun-themed season to go with this feature! Watch until the end to see! ⭐Also watch this video: I will show you the level 8 Tiny Toy car in Roblox Jailbreak Trading. We will see what do people give me for this car. Season 11 just came out, so this car is VERY rare right now. Only Jailbreak Creators could get this car right now. ⭐Wonder how people ALREADY level 10? Watch this: I will be explaining how Jailbreak players could get up to level 10 instantly. Season 11 just dropped yesterday night. So there's NO WAY to get up to level 10 in one day. However, many people manage to get on the leaderboard. ⭐FASTEST Level 10 in Roblox Jailbreak: I will show you the XP Chart in the game. Season 11 reward is a BLOXY. I will show you the TOP 3 tips and trick to get to level 10. Support me by using star code "VG" on Roblox when buying Premium or Robux! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to drop a like! ⭐ SUBSCRIBE HERE! ➜ 🔔 Be sure to hit the bell and turn on notifications! ---------------------------------------------------------------- 💙 SOCIAL MEDIA 💙 📱Discord📱➜ ⭐Twitch⭐➜ ☢️Follow me on Roblox⭐➜ ⭐VG Gang: 📸 Instagram 📸➜ 🐤Twitter🐤➜ Tags: #Roblox #Jailbreak #HelloItsVG -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game: Roblox Jailbreak New Roblox Jailbreak Limited Javelin Jailbreak Roblox Javelin Roblox Jailbreak Javelin


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