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Title:the most ICONIC le sserafim moments every fearnot should know

yunjinies debut, yay! i'm so excited! your support is crucial in this part of the journey, so please leave a like and a commentβ€”i'm curious to know what you think! πŸ”” don't forget to hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss what's to come! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- timecodes: 0:00 intro 0:30 be my dododok 1:16 the butt debate 2:26 yunjin and the grapes tragedy 2:53 easy peasy lemon squeezy 3:40 le sserafim panty 3:50 bUnGeE jUnGbU 4:33 chaewon calls yunjin a bastard 5:17 shiro snatches chaewon's hair roller 5:52 the perilla leaf discussion 6:30 hybe's haunted?? vocal room 7:14 yunjin's unforgettable fried pepper tasting 7:46 eunchae's "gorilla" laugh 8:13 kazuha's "no no square" 8:35 sakura's "yume de kiss me" 9:07 baby girl slow down 9:56 absu mollayo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🍊My channel is dedicated to delivering entertaining and engaging content! Through creative editing techniques, I transform footage from original sources into something humorous and valuable. Each video is meticulously crafted, with attention to detail in text animations, subtitles, sound effects and graphic effects. 🍊I add my own personal commentary, infusing each video with humor and insight. Additionally, I translate and provide English subtitles for some content, that is originally in Korean -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tags: kpop, le sserafim, fearnot, chaewon, sakura, yunjin, kazuha, eunchae, girl group, 4th generation, hybe, easy, smart, le sserafim music videos, funny moments, dance performance, live performance, comeback stage, new song, be original, interview, show, compilation, kpop moments 2023, chaotic, manchae, star diary, kpop idols, music bank, coachella, weverse, vlive, variety shows, fearless, antifragile, unforgiven, perfect night, make it look easy, good bones, swan song, we got so much, kim dododok, leniverse, day off, fimlog, fimmies


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