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Title:Gaza: The Betrayal of the Muslim Rulers with Sami Hamdi

Join our Patreon to get access to exclusive monthly calls: Since we last spoke to Sami Hamdi, a lot has happened in the ongoing Gaza slaughter. Israel has finally moved its ground operations into Gaza, and their Western backers have set down their intention to provide diplomatic cover to their settler offshoot and shield it from criticism. Western leaders have had to defend the indefensible as Israel's punitive and indiscriminate action continues. For example, Ursula Vonderlyen, the President of the EU Commission, just yesterday sent out a tweet at a holocaust memorial saying never again. Yet, the day before, she met with an Israeli official and gave her undying commitment to his cause, such is their barefaced duplicity. Calls for a ceasefire have been vetoed at the UN, and the West accepts no liability for the thousands murdered in cold blood. It is truly astonishing to see how liberals on both sides of the Atlantic have confirmed what most of us have known for a long time: that their so-called rules-based international order is set up to cover their brutality. It is not that they kill civilians without any recourse to humanity. It's that they openly declare their mass murder with knowledge of impunity. The West has given them diplomatic cover to engage in slaughter without red lines. This is truly an age of impunity. Sami Hamdi is the director of international interest and a regular commentator on mainstream news networks. Listen to the audio version of the podcast: You can donate to The Thinking Muslim either through a one-time contribution: You can now purchase our Thinking Muslim mug here Sign up to our newsletter As always, you can comment your thoughts below. Find us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Telegram: Host: Website Archive: #TheThinkingMuslimPodcast The Thinking Muslim Podcast Episode 121 Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 2:25 Sami’s schedule 3:32 What can Muslim leaders do? 11:55 Symbolic actions? 27:18 Strategic autonomy 38:40 Normalisation dead? 42:34 Iran and Nasrallah 49:22 Iran a malign power 57:56 The left 1:03:00 Netanyahu’s strategy 1:07:45 Ethnic cleansing 1:11:24 Motivations of Biden 1:14:24 Changing western foreign policy 1:23:00 The EU position 1:25:40 A game changing moment? 1:31:23 A new Muslim world?


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