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Title:The Legend of Dragoon Retrospective - Sony's "Final Fantasy Killer" - The Golden Bolt

WATCH NEXT: Parasite Eve Retrospective: Square's Resident Evil RPG The Legend of Dragoon was Sony's attempt at capturing the magic and success of Square's late-PS1 Final Fantasy games. Sometimes hailed as a "Final Fantasy Killer" before release, Legend of Dragoon received a middling reception by critics and is still an incredibly divisive game online. What is it that led to Legend of Dragoon being so beloved by many, and so maligned by others? Today in this 20th Anniversary Retrospective, I'll break down why Legend of Dragoon was the game that made me fall in love with JRPGs, and why those that hate the game are probably right too! Special thanks to @MykonosFan for his editing assistance! Make sure to show him some love at Subscribe for more! Support future videos! Follow me on Twitter! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 4:06 Chapter 1: The Serdian War 27:28 Chapter 2: Platinum Shadow 41:33 Chapter 3: Fate and Soul 55:02 Side Content 58:55 Answering the question I asked an hour ago. Help. 1:01:30 Chapter 4: Moon and Fate 1:09:56 Conclusion 1:14:37 Rose "Cries" Blood 1:14:42 Special Thanks "The Golden Bolt Theme" composed by AllHailBuckets. Show him some love on Spotify or your music service of choice! This video is not intended for viewers under 13 years of age, and may contain content inappropriate for such viewers. Parental guidance suggested. Copyright © The Golden Bolt 2021. All rights reserved. #LegendofDragoon #Dragoon #TheGoldenBolt


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