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Title:If You Struggle With Shame, Watch This | Being Well Podcast

Shame is one of the most complex and difficult emotions we experience on a regular basis, and one that can have seriously negative impacts on our sense of self-worth and ability to experience healthy connection with others. On this episode of Being Well, Dr. Rick Hanson and I take a deep dive into what shame is, how it develops, what distinguishes it from guilt and other related emotions, and how questioning our assumptions about it can help us identify its origins in our lives so we can make an informed decision on how to respond to it. Key Topics: 0:00 Introduction 1:30 The biological roots of shame 4:00 How shame is tied to our assumptions about how the world works 6:55 Impropriety and shame as a psychological stage of development 9:55 Distinguishing shame from guilt 14:10 Unnecessary shame, healthy remorse, and your own integrity system 22:15 Who decides what being good looks like? 26:10 Morality in the service of power 31:45 What helps us work with experiences of shame 38:00 Isolation and the value of sharing with others in some way 43:45 Working with your shame story 49:00: Shame, group belonging, and personal changes 51:35: Recap Subscribe to Being Well on: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Who Am I: I'm Forrest, the co-author of Resilient ( and host of the Being Well Podcast ( I'm making videos focused on simplifying psychology, mental health, and personal growth. You can follow me here: 🎤 🌍 📸


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