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Title:Early 1900s Electric Door Bell - Restoration

In this video I'm going to restore an antique german electric door bell. I've bought this door bell from an online auction for $45. It was in pretty rough condition, but it was still working, kind of. What I first saw as a quick and easy project turned out to be a really tough and time consuming challenge. Remaking the broken copper part needed a lot of trial and error until I have finally managed to completely recreate that part. Not just making the jig, also the engraving and tumblering. The coils were very tricky as well. At first I planned just to clean them as they were still working, but I've quickly realized that the insulation was damaged and I had to rewind them. Allthough low voltage isn't dangerous rewinding was neccessary to get the job done 100%. It was a good idea though, as the iron cores have been completely rusted under the copper wire. Rewinding required a lot of testing too until I got a satisfying result, as it was my first time doing it. Finding the old newspaper was very cool and even better to actually find a date on that newspaper „1902“. A follower on Instagram was actually able to find that newspaper from 1904 when it was printed. It was actually a patent description. If you click the link below you're actually able to find the exact patent with the exact same text like you can see in the video on the newspaper. With all this information this door bell must have been built somewhat around 1904-1906 in Germany I guess. I have also built a walnut box for it to cover the electrics. You can see that at the very end of the video. Be sure to check out the video on my second channel „my mechanics insights“ to see how I made it. Link to the video on the second channel: Link to the original "newspaper", it's actually a patent document. Click on the tab "Originaldokument" to see the 1:1 matching text: I hope you like my work and the video. Huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters and specially to: Tonya M Broerman Adel AlSaffar afreeflyingsoul Yale Baker Alex McGeorge alialy Alistair Moor Amanda Moore Amar.k Anthony Eufemio Arthur Bendurion Brenna Redpath Chris walter David Barker Edward Conway Glenn Soucy Haitham Al Zir isaac james lowe Jean Ceppi John Shebanow Josh Ledford Josh Wasserman Joshua Bentley Joshua Scher Lambda GPU Workstations Leo Matt Boothman Mellissa Marcus Monte Gibbs Nathaniel Carver NoLoneSurvivor Pat Thrasher potokslow StevenVR Tyler Carruth VaushVidya Vickie Bligh Vince Valenti Will Black William Bennett Xavier Carbel Yuri Zapuchlak Adam Holtzclaw Alipasha Sadri Andrew Egerton Andrew Phillips Arni Bjorgvinsson Bonnie Williamson Brian Hoerl Chad Bryant Charles Fisher Crystal Cash Daniel Trejo Daniel Varga Dave Cannon Dave Hardware David Ebert Diriector_Doc Gene Gonzalez Geoffroy Grok Senften Haley McFadden Hunter R. Jack Curry Jason Koi Jason Tarlov Jeremy Cole Joël Franusic justin f. Ken Rosso Kurt Gazow Liam Rafle Marc Cerisier Marc Staedelin Mary Casella Mellissa McConnell Michael Beck Micheal Bier Michael Lamp Nik Pasacal Schmikal Pelec Peter Cyprian Raymond Romani Rebecca Miller Regis Vincent Rich Linton Robert Todd Sarah Langlais Scott Marshall Simon Steven Michalcewicz Steven Stowik Suiros Svenja Kuckla Tim Holt Trevor Kam Tucker Ifft 웅록 윤 My camera: Panasonic HC-VX11 This is an ASMR style video. Especially made to have the best sound quality, so you can enjoy all the authentic sounds created in the workshop in ASMR style. If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible. Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english. Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations. Thank you for watching :-) „I make a new one“ T-Shirts: My Main Channel: My Second Channel: My Patreon Page:


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