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Title:How To Have Multiple Orgasm As A Woman - Orgasm Secrets: How To Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms

Is your erotic pleasure over way too soon? Would you like to enjoy waves of high-energy orgasms that continue for as long as you desire? Using a few simple steps, I will teach you my method for triggering your full erotic potential! *CREDIT:…d-one-for-months ►Follow us on Facebook: ►Follow us on Instagram: ►Follow us on Twitter: ►Check out also other Dr Berg videos: ►Check out also our health tips for more health tips: ►Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel: ►Video footage: all video footage used is either licensed through either CC-BY or from Videoblocks. How To Have Multiple Orgasm As A Woman - Orgasm Secrets: How To Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms "We had an amazing time in bed! The ten minutes of getting down with him feel so amazing! It was the most beautiful making out I have ever had." Those are the words you keep hearing from your friends. The talks and sexual fantasies you listen to make you ask questions. Like do I have a medical problem. Is my man not good enough? Should I try the next man? Forget about those worries and questions. This video will guide you on how to fix it. There are so many reasons anyone could be finding it difficult to orgasm. It could be a result of depression, menopause, drinking too much alcohol, pregnancy, chronic illness, or even fatigue. No matter what could have caused the problem, the result can be depressing and frustrating. Don't be too worried; you are not alone; there are numerous ways to help you reach orgasm. Try New Sex Positions Try out styles that will not only make you scream but also make your man sexually obsessed with you. Positions like cowgirl, doggy style, and drill sex position will help you reach the climax. For example, Doggy Style is a perfect position to hit your G-spot. If you find this position difficult because of the height difference, you can kneel on the bed or a piece of furniture while your man enters from the back. You can also put a pillow under your tummy while you lie down. Another orgasm inspired style is Cowgirl. This position allows you to be in charge. Be in control to get the stimulation needed for orgasm Try out the Drill position also. With this position, you will be able to combine the missionary and coital alignment technique. Your clitoris gets stimulated more than the normal missionary position. Natural Remedies Does A Lot Of Magic If you are the type that prefers natural ways to solve health issues, you can try this. There is no way to ascertain how safe these remedies are, but there is no crime in giving it a trial. Damiana, Ginkgo, Yohimbe, Horny goat weed, and Maca, are potential herbs you can take to increase the chances of your orgasm. Herbs like horny goat could be used one or two hours before sexual activity. Eat Food That Boost Sex Drive Your diet could be a solution to reaching orgasm. There are foods and fruit you need to squeeze into your diet. Examples are Red grapes, avocado, spinach, walnut, oyster, dark chocolate, banana, and olive oil. Olive oil helps with the production of testosterone. This hormone is linked with sexual drive. Having enough of this will help you achieve orgasm. Fruits rich in vitamin C also help to tune up sexual organs. Fruits like black currant, strawberries, and kiwi are not only delicious but could make your body quake from orgasm. Try Exercising  Another way to fix your orgasm issue is to exercise the body part that is involved in orgasm. Just like every other muscle in the body, the vagina muscle can also be exercised. Some of those exercises can be done anywhere, including your office. Kegels, yoga, crunches, and inner thigh exercise, cardio work out are good examples. They strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which in turn increase your chances of attaining orgasm.


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