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Title:Homily by Fr. Danichi Hui April 17, 2024 | WednesdayWednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Homily by Fr. Danichi Hui April 17, 2024 | Wednesday Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter Acts 8:1b-8Psalm 66:1-3a, 4-5, 6-7aJohn 6:35-40 Biblical: Once again Jesus declared to the crowd that he is the Bread of Life. (Yesterday was the first time Jesus made such declaration) Today he is repeating it to them that they may believe, as Jesus said; “But I told you that although you have seen me, you do not believe.” Reflection: For someone who does not believe, even if you say or show him something it would still be difficult to believe. Sadyang mahirap papaniwalain ang taong ayaw maniwala. This is probably the reason why Jesus kept on repeating that he is the Bread of Life, not only to make them believe but for the “will” of the Father would be fulfilled. Ang maniwala at manampalataya sa sinasabi ni Hesus ay nasa pasya ng tao. Pero ang ipahayag sa mga tao ang plano ng Diyos ay nasa pasya ni Hesus. Biblical: But it is clear to Jesus that “He will not reject anyone who comes to him, because he came down from heaven not to do his own will but the will of the one who sent him.”   This is the purpose of Jesus: to fulfill the will of God, which is for everyone to be saved. Even if there are some who choose not to believe. This is the problem with the crowd, they find it difficult to believe in Jesus because they do not know him. They know more about bread (which they are looking for); the need for the bread; the importance of the bread; what can the bread give and do to them. Mabuti pa ang tinapay marami silang alam, pero kay Hesus wala silang halos nalalaman. Kaya nga kahít kausap na nila si Hesus, tinapay pa din ang bukambibig nila. Biblical: Kaya naman si Felipe sa ating Unang Pagbasa, wala siyang ibang bukambibig kundi si Hesus. Kaya ganun na lang siya kung mangaral. Pumupunta pa sa ibang lugar para lang ipangaral ang pananampalataya kay Hesus; na siya namang pinakikinggan ng marami. Ito ay dahil kilala ni Felipe si Hesus. Kilala niya kung ano ang magagawa at maibibigay ni Hesus. Kaya naman maraming nagawa si Hesus sa kaniyang buhay. Nagka-buhay ang kaniyang buhay. My dear brothers and sisters, we can only believe in Jesus if we know him. We can only know Jesus if we accept him into our lives. And once we accept him in our lives, then he can give life to our lives.


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