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Title:I made a Battle Royale Map in Fortnite Creative!!!

Watch the evolution of my Mini BR from Season 1 to Season 8! This incredible 19 minute journey walks you through how I started this map in 2020 and how far I came in my 8 season journey in Fortnite Creative! I hope you enjoy this video on how I made a Battle Royale Map in Fortnite Creative! Have questions? Like this video and leave a comment! I will reply to you! Also, JOIN THE DISCORD! We have people that are in there willing to help you with your maps! DirectingPete's Battle Royale Chapters 0:00 - Intro 0:36 - Season 1: How I made Season 1 and what my concept was! 1:46 - Season 2: How I decided to add story when Season 2 released! 3:10 - Season 2 Event: How I created epic in game events! 4:12 - Season 3: Introducing the first ever Mini Block in Mini BR map! 5:27 - Season 3 Event: Showing the ORB growing and slowly consuming more of the map 6:17 - Season 4: The ORB take over and changing POIs! 7:11 - Season 4 Event: The Event that ends the current map! 7:57 - Season 5: A brand new map in the DirectingPete Multiverse is created! 9:38 - Season 6: Halloween Season! The Gnome King is possessed & Zombies appear! 10:34 - Season 7: The Christmas Winter Season begins and I introduce the first Battle Pass in a Mini BR! 12:24 - Season 7 Event: The gnomes try to shoot the ORB with a mega gun & fail! 13:18 - Season 8 :The ORB takes over the entire map and burns it down! 15:34 - Season 8 Event: The ORB returns in three forms before dying & destroying everything! You will also see clips of my Battle Royale Seasons, Battle Passes, Game Play footage, End Events, and more! Watch all the trailers here! Want to learn how I made all these cool mechanics? I made most of the things you saw in this video into tutorials! You can find all of my Mini BR Tutorials here! Want to watch other Tutorials I made? check these out! Did you know I created the Omega Pyramid on The Block back in Chapter 1 Season 7 and Chapter 1 Season 9? Want to see Tfue and others play that map? Check this out! - DirectingPete ------------------------------------------------------------------- • Support-a-Creator # ad - directingpete • Discord - • Twitch - • Instagram - • Reddit - -------------------------------------------------------------------- #fortnite #fortnitecreative This is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games, Inc.


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