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Title:Asal Usul Selat Bali | Cerita Rakyat Bali | Kisah Nusantara

A story about the origin of the Bali Strait. Once upon a time in the Daha kingdom, there lived a powerful brahmin named Sidi Mantra. He is known to meditate diligently. One day, he was finally given abundant wealth and was awarded a son named Manic Angkeran. Unfortunately, his son likes to gamble cockfighting to the point of spending his parents' wealth. In order to be a good father, Sidi Mantra finally asked Naga Besukih for help to give him a little treasure to pay off Manic Angkeran's debt. Support the story of the archipelago by donating to saweria , thank you. For those of you who ask our social media... don't forget to follow, okay? Instagram : Facebook : Tiktok : Playlist Story of the Archipelago: #Bali strait #gromorestudio #KisahNusantara the origin of the bali strait, the bali strait, the bali strait story, the bali strait folklore, the origin of the bali strait, the bali strait legend, the bali strait sidi mantra, the bali strait haunted bead, the besukih dragon, the basuki dragon, the bali strait dragon, bali strait animation , bali folklore, animation of the origin of the bali strait, animated bali strait story, folklore, sidi mantra, manic haunted, tales of the bali strait, tales of the bali strait, the story of the archipelago of the strait of bali, tales of the strait of bali, the origin of the strait of bali archipelago story folklore animation fairytale legend origin mountain story archipelago story Indonesian folk tales Indonesian folk tales fairy tale archipelago legend legend story cartoon archipelago story archipelago fairy tales fairy tale cartoon cartoon storyline archipelago javanese story gromore studio legend story java legend the story of the land of java original animation Archipelago story animation fairy tale animation folklore animation culture


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