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Title:Jimmy Zhong- The Unbelievable Bitcoin Heist That Made Billions

Want to Support TILLN? Go here: ———————————————————————————— Text TILLN to 66866 to become a patron and gain access to ad-free episodes, the exclusive discord, and earn discounts on TILLN Merch. ———————————————————————————— About this Episode Jimmy Zhong was a computer science student who got involved with bitcoin in its early days. He mined a significant amount of bitcoin and used it to fund a lavish party lifestyle in college. Later, he discovered a vulnerability on the dark web marketplace Silk Road that allowed him to steal around $13 million worth of bitcoin. He hid this bitcoin and its value grew to $3.8 billion over time. Years later, the FBI investigated Zhong and were able to seize the stolen bitcoin, which helped them recover funds from the convicted Silk Road founder. Zhong served a year in prison and now works as a rideshare driver. ———————————————————————————— About TILLN Podcast Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode today! Become a Patron and Get Early Access to Ad-Free Episodes: ———————————————————————————— Chapters Have you heard of Jimmy Zhong: 00:00 TILLN Theme: 00:48 Who is Jimmy Zhong?: 01:20 The Heist: 27:25 The Aftermath: 01:10:26 Fiddle Off: 01:13:55 ———————————————————————————— Episode link: ———————————————————————————— Watch The Richmond TV Vigilante: ———————————————————————————— Advertise with Us:


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