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Title:25 Ways To Fix Android Battery Drain [Works on Samsung, Pixel, & More!]

David & David explain how to fix the problem when your Android battery is draining fast. Most of the time, your Android battery drains fast because of its software, not its hardware. Before getting your phone’s battery replaced, follow the steps in this video! These steps work for all Androids, including Samsung #Galaxy and Google #Pixel phones. 👾 Join our NEW Discord: 👾 🎁 Join this channel to get access to perks: 📱Google settings your need to change: 0:00 Intro 0:20 How 5G Drains Battery 1:08 Nearby Device Scanning 1:45 Sounds & Vibrations 2:47 App Notifications 3:50 Dark Mode 4:05 Adaptive Brightness 4:35 Motion Smoothness 5:22 Screen Timeout 5:45 Wallpaper & Style 6:13 Always On Display 7:29 Offline Finding 8:49 Location Access 10:10 Send Diagnostic Data 11:01 Google Location Accuracy 12:18 Google Location History 13:16 Google Location Sharing 13:45 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Scanning 14:12 Power Saving Mode 14:53 Background Usage Limits 16:46 Should I Close My Apps? 17:53 Adaptive Battery 18:28 Performance Profile 19:15 Protect Battery 20:02 Additional Care 20:42 Check For An Update 21:06 Visibility Enhancements 21:49 Reduce Transparency & Blur 22:13 Extra Dim 📱 For awesome iPhone fixes and tips, check out our website, Payette Forward: 📱 Compare every cell phone, every plan, and every carrier on UpPhone: 👋 Get Social With Payette Forward: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: #Android #Battery #Google #Samsung #Fix


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