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Title:How To Stand Out In Stand Up Comedy

Yes! After a long break we are back with another podcast episode with an incredible guest. Nathaniel is joining us all the way from Sweden! And he is here to talk all about comedy, music and artistic creation: about the importance of being present in the moment, the element of spontaneity and how (almost) anyone can become a stand up comedian! Timestamps 00:00 Welcome back everyone! 01:20 When Comedy meets Music 02:17 Who goes first: the audience or the artist? 04:04 Women in Comedy 05:06 Art and perfectionism 07:02 Laugher is the comedian’s currency 08:15 Comedy is a hit or miss 09:54 How long does it take someone to become a good comedian/Can anyone become a comedian? 12:48 Best tip for stand up comedians 16:11 Bob Dylan and the element of sponteniouty 19:36 Writer’s block and the importance of being bored 22:16 Phone culture as a blocker for creativity 26:15 Comedy as a cathartic medium 28:19 The creative process of a joke 30:21 Nathaniel’s advise to new artists/comedians/musicians 33:58 Competition with other comedians 36:16 Closing thoughts Creator & Host: Zoe Ntonta 🎵Music credit: Produced by Johnathon M. Horner/ Get In Touch with Nathaniel: Music: Youtube(Music): Spotify: Comedy: Youtube(Comedy): SoMe: glassercomedy The clip of the (in)famous gig where Bob Dylan "went electric" and turned his back on the folk music community: --------------------------- Get in touch with me: 📸 Instagram: 📧 Contact: 🎤Some new jokes: 🙏THANK you so much for listening to this podcast! #newepisode #sarahsilverman #snl #bobdylan #womenincomedy #standupcomedy #bestadvise #podcastshow


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