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Title:Ep 4 Srinagar to Pahalgam | Saffron Fields | Pampore”s Sheermal | Awantipur Ruins | Kashmir Tourism

This was our 4th day in Kashmir. The video was shot on 20th April, we started from Srinagar to travel to Pahalgam. The distance from Srinagar to Pahalgam is 90 km, tourists take halt at multiple locations, enroute to Pahalgam, we also did the same. Pahalgam is a popular tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir, known for its scenic beauty and proximity to the picturesque Lidder Valley. The journey takes around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions. Saffron Fields - As you drive through Pampore, you'll come across vast fields of saffron flowers. Pampore is renowned for its saffron production, and during the blooming season (usually in October), the fields create a stunning sight with vibrant colors. Saffron at Pampore - we bought saffron fromJannat-e-Kashmir - This is one of the Dry fruit shops in Pampore, There are about 80 to 100 sellers there, who have their own farm. During my tour I noticed that sellers of Pampore generally push you to buy 5 gm minimum saffron, Many buyers may want a lesser quantity. Price at which I bought saffron from Pampore is Rs 250 per gm. Sheermal in Pampore - During our visit, we wanted to see the making process of sheermal, which we saw in Pampore, one of the bakery shop named Hemalini sheermal house, we saw the process & also tasted to. Awantipora Ruins - Situated in Awantipora, these ruins are remnants of ancient Hindu temples built during the 9th century. The site showcases impressive stone carvings and intricate architecture, offering insights into Kashmir's rich cultural heritage. Dezire inn near Awantipora Ruins - In lunch we had Nadru Palak along with kashmiri Pulao. Hallamulla - There are many factory & shop of Bat, we visited Good luck sports industries, they had wide variety of Tennis Ball bat to Professional bat made of Willow tree, which is found only in Kashmir. Price Range from Rs 300 to Rs 3500, many tourist stop by when they visit to pahalgam. Hallamulla Sangam - There we saw the confluence of Vishav river & Jhelum river. This is about 50 km from Srinagar. Evergreen Resort - We stop by to had tea, famous restaurant enroute to Pahalgam. Dana Pani - This is a pure vegetarian restaurant in pahalgam, we had Kadai Paneer & Rajma for dinner. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you wish to support this channel: YouTube Member Programme : Patreon: Channel merchandise: Gadgets that we use: Primary camera - Secondary camera - Gadgets we use: Primary camera - Secondary camera-


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