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Title:End Of Dream(EOD) Weapons | Beginners Guide | Dragon Nest SEA

End Of Dream(EOD) Weapons | Beginners Guide | Dragon Nest SEA. Hey I'm Jonas! In this video, I will guide you through all the details of the End of Dreams weapon in Dragon Nest SEA. Ethernum DN(Main Website) ~ Ethernum DN(Discord) ~ TimeStamps: 0:00 Intro 0:10 How to get EOD Weapons? 0:35 How to get GUIDE STAR and Essence of Twilight? 1:21 How to get LAGENDIA TORCH? 2:22 Control Zone v.s. Restricted Area Entrance 4:48 GUIDE STAR and other ITEM Drop Rate 5:18 Other way to get GUIDE STAR 6:03 End of Dream Weapon Crafting and Enhancement 7:12 Outro and Special Thanks Become a MEMBER to get access to perks: Perks Level: 🥇Hey I'm a Member → Loyalty Badge + Custom Cool Stickers 🥈Hey I'm a Fan → Question and Answer Polls 🏆Hey I'm a Super Fan → SHOUT OUTS at the END of my Videos Help Me Replace My Potato PC by buying me a COFFEE HERE 👇👇👇 👈 ☝☝☝ Your Donations will help me create more Dragon Nest Guides in "1080P 60FPS" 🔴Please leave a LIKE👍 or SHARE✅ it with your FRIENDS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔴Feel Free to Subscribe to the channel: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Recommended Videos: ✅ Guides for NEW PLAYERS - ✅ Choose the BEST CLASS - ✅ MODS I USE IN-GAME - Music used: Lakey Inspired - Better Days ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------Official DN websites--------------------- ✅Dragon Nest SEA: ✅Dragon Nest KR: ✅Dragon Nest SEA FB Page: ----------------------DN Resources--------------------- 🌐èézusBase 🌐 🌐 (Database and Information - In Development) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #HeyImJonas #DragonNest #DragonNestSEA


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