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Title:How Cody Ko & Noel Miller Turned a Joke into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Head to to find more about your funding options. Check Out TMG studios: 00:00 Who are Cody Ko & Noel Miller? 02:21 How did Tiny Meat Gang start? 07:36 First brand deal 09:43 Life before YouTube, what they learned 18:02 How Cody & Noel Built Tiny Meat Gang on Patreon 22:23 The Value of Podcasts in Growing a community 25:24 Noel Miller's big ideas 27:45 Do Cody Ko and Noel Miller identify as YouTubers? 32:48 Why Cody & Noel started their podcast network, TMG Studios 39:45 How Cody & Noel built TMG Studios 40:50 The challenges of going from creator to network 46:25 Cody Ko & Noel Miller on Ending That's Cringe 50:26 The Rise of Tiny Meat Gang Music 54:20 The Problem with Singing a Record Deal 58:43 Personal projects vs TMG 1:04:23 Cody Ko on creating uninspired work 1:05:44 The absurdity of YouTube 1:12:44 Why podcasts? 1:14:30 Why TMG Studios is different than other networks 1:18:20 The Future of TMG, Cody Ko and Noel 1:19:48 The TMG custom site 1:29:50 How to work for Cody Ko & Noel Miller 1:30:50 How TMG Studios makes money 1:33:13 Partying with Elon Musk Editors: Chris Schwaar Jesse Leon Graphics & Animation: Chris Schwaar Production Coordinator: Marilyn Haigh Special Thanks: Ryan Faucett TMG Studios Joelle Park - UTA 📫 30,000+ read our free newsletter that breaks down the business of creators. Sign up: ASK US A QUESTION ❔ We answer questions from creators every Sunday in our newsletter. Submit yours here: TOOLS & RESOURCES 🎬 Take our course to make better YouTube Videos: 🎙 Record studio-quality videos from anywhere with Riverside: LISTEN TO THE SHOW iTunes: Spotify: GET IN TOUCH 🌍 Our website: 🌍 Advertise with us: 🌍 Book us: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY 📸 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 🎵 TikTok: 🎬 Clips Channel: ABOUT US We’re Colin and Samir, creators based out of Los Angeles California. We make videos about the creator economy, and the lessons we’ve learned over 10 years of being on YouTube. We also interview creators and try to get to the bottom of what’s working on YouTube and where the creator economy is headed.


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