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Title:Stop Translating English to Latin: Do These 4 Interactive Writing Activities Instead

Most learners find writing in Latin hard. What's worse, the writing skill is usually taught via English-to-Latin translation, which is absolutely not a communicative activity and is usually hated by students. Instead, here are four easy, achievable, interactive writing activities you can do right now in the YouTube comments sections of your favourite Latin videos. These will not only boost your engagement with the language but also provide input and interaction for our Latin community. I have written a blog post in which I explain in more detail why English-to-Latin translation is a problematic activity that is not endorsed by teachers of living languages. Check it out here: 🦚 If you'd like to support the creation of more Latin and Ancient Greek content (with target language subtitles!), consider supporting my work at Patreon: 👕 I also have a merch shop! List of Latin question words: -ne? (attached to end of first word) = Creates a yes/no question ... an ...? = ... or ... ? utrum ... an ... ? = ... or ... ? quis? = Who? quid? = What? (/Why?) cūr? = Why? quōmodo? = How? quandō? = When? ubi? = Where? (in what place?) quō? = To where? (to what place?) unde? = From where? (from what place?) quālis est...? = What is ... like? quot? = How many? quantus, -a, -um? = How big? List of Ancient Greek question words: ᾶρα; = Creates a yes/no question … ὴ … = ... or ... ? πότερον… ὴ... = ... or ...? τίς; = Who? τί; = What? (/Why?) διὰ τί; = Why? (on what grounds?) ἵνα τί; = Why? (for what purpose?) πῶς; = How? πότε; = When? ποῦ; = Where? (in what place?) ποῖ; = To where? (to what place?) πόθεν; = From where? (from what place?) ποῖός εστιν…; = What is ... like? πόσοι; = How many? πόσος; = How big/of what quantity? 0:00 Wanting to write in Latin 00:21 Latin Prose "Composition" 00:51 The problem with Latin Prose "Composition" - is there an alternative? 2:04 Find suitable Latin content 2:38 1) Two Truths and a Lie 3:43 2) Vērum an Falsum? (True or False) 4:54 3) Questions in the target language 6:08 4) Possible/Probable (Possibile, Crēdibile) 7:56 What we can achieve with these writing activities


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