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Title:Why the Stingray CRUSHES Everything

👉 Grab the FREE Tab & Notation here: 🔥 Try the SBL Bass Academy FREE for 14 Days: 🚀 Get 1-1 Bass Coaching (12 Month Mentorship Program): With that powerhouse pickup (close to the bridge for maximum honk) and active electronics, the Music Man StingRay remains an instrument that fulfills a particular job with enormous panache. If any bass can really compete with a Fender, this is the one! From RATM to Chic to Pino Palladino to Joe Dart, in today’s lesson we’re taking on some of the StingRay’s greatest moments. === Video Breakdown: 00:00 - Introduction 00:47 - Short History of Leo Fender 02:54 - The Birth of the StingRay 03:51 - Bass Legends Playing the StingRay 04:59 - Different Tones of the StingRay 05:30 - Bernard Edwards 06:15 - John Deacon 07:00 - Gail Ann Dorsey 08:21 - Improvements in the StingRay 11:30 - Tony Levin 12:33 - Pino Palladino 13:14 - Different Tones of the StingRay 14:08 - Flea and the Red Hot Chili Peppers 15:40 - Tim Commerford 17:21 - Joe Dart's Bass and Tone 20:07 - Summary === GET MORE BASS TIPS 👇 _________________________________________________________________ 🙌 Be the first to know - SUBSCRIBE now → 🔓 Unlock your FREE trial to transform your bass playing → ABOUT SCOTT’S BASS LESSONS (SBL) _________________________________________________________________ As the largest online bass education platform in the world, with an ever-expanding course library and 40,000+ active members, Scott’s Bass Lessons (SBL) has everything you need to master the bass, all in one place. Featuring beginner level bass lessons, engaging courses from expert instructors, step-by-step development curricula, direct feedback on your playing, real-time mentorship from A-list bassists and a thriving and incredibly supportive community, SBL is the perfect platform to uplevel your bass playing, whether you’re a total beginner, or an advanced pro-level bassist. Try SBL Membership today! → RECOMMENDED BASS PLAYLIST _________________________________________________________________ Catch up with SBL Content you’ve missed: ➡️ #bassguitarlessons #leofender #stingraybass LINKS & OTHER RESOURCES _________________________________________________________________ Tune in to our Weekly Podcast: 🎧 Explore our free courses: 🎸 Try our FREE GrooveTrainer App: 📱


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