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Title:Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi - The story of the man striving to broaden perspectives and be justly balanced

We were truly honored to welcome Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi from the US to share his story with us. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi is an academic preacher and theologian with a wide array of published books, research papers and lectures on Islam and contemporary Muslim issues, most notable and acclaimed, being his series on the life of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). sheikh Yasir Qadhi has dedicated his life to being a bridge between the peripheries of Islamic faith and open dialogues to better understanding and harmony. Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi has done amazing work for the Muslim community and is a cherished brother to the Safis. A huge thank you to Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi for sharing his valuable time with is, if you would like to see more of him, check out his youtube and twitter, or contact him directly at his provided email: @YasirQadhi We always love hearing your feedback, so please leave a comment. Make sure to like & subscribe, and if you know someone who would benefit from this episode, please share as well. For audio listeners, find us on: 🎧 Spotify: 🎧 Apple: 🎧 Google: 🎧 Amazon: ✨follow us on socials✨ ♾️ TikTok: Facebook: 📷 Instagram: Timestamps 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:00 - Growing up in Houston, Texas 00:02:30 - sacrificing for your parents 00:05:10 - earliest memories of islamic experiences 00:08:33 - Applying to University of Madinah 00:13:36 - Finding his purpose in Islamic Studies 00:18:20 - The emptiness of not knowing the Quran 00:26:22 - Doing his research on Madinah 00:34:10 - How his parents reacted to leaving engineering 00:39:12 - How 9/11 changed everything 00:43:02 - Western Academia & Yale 00:49:05 - combating misinformation 00:59:00 - Yasir Qadhi's "Khadijah" 01:07:45 - The fame 01:18:15 - "How do you keep yourself grounded?" 01:21:58 - Receiving threats 01:31:26 - Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi's "I Am ___" Statement


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