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Title:Creabea Knitting Podcast - Episode 11: CONEALONG, Unravel haul and ALL the WIPs

Hi, I'm Rebecca (She/Her) and welcome back for Episode 11 of the Creabea Knitting podcast, a place where I talk about all things knitting. I've included information on what I've talked about below, but if you'd like any more details then feel free to drop me a message. Where can you find me? Instagram: Ravelry: Raverly Group: ⭐ Conealong! ⭐ Share a picture on Instagram between now and March 24th, use the tag #Conealong and be in with a chance to win a cone of yarn! You can also share your project in the dedicated ravelry thread ( You can use any cone you like, but if you use Woolyknit cones or Woolyknit British Wool hanks, then your entry counts twice. Use discount code CREABEA20 for 20% off Woolyknit British wool cones and hanks until March 9th 2022 Woolyknit have gifted me yarn as part of the Conealong -- SHOW NOTES-- If I've forgotten anything or you'd like more information, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment. -Projects- 🧶 What I'm wearing - - Cardigan No. 7 by My Favourite Things Knitwear Drops Air 🧶 Finished Objects Vanilla Socks: Stripey Cat Yarns, Christmas at Hogwarts Pigment and Ply, Will-o-the-wisp 🧶 Works In Progress - Fridagsgenser, Aftenstrikk Plutolopi - No Frills Sweater, Petite Knit Rico Superba Luxury Sock, Grey - The First Sweater, Hive Knits Woolyknit British Wool, Mallard Filcolana Tilia, Midnight - Sweater No. 18, My Favourite Things Knitwear Woolyknit British Wool, Harvest Sandnesgarn Tynn, Ochre Not quite on my needles yet: Test Knit - Bira Sweater by Gregoria Fibres Strange Brew/Marit mash up Gift Knit - Other Things Mentioned - Unravel Purchases Rauwerk - Telling Yarns - Midwinter Yarns - Pigment and Ply - Stripey Cat Yarns - Muud Living Needle Case from Knitt Yarns -


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