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Title:underscores Interview - The Backlight Podcast Ep. 33

this week i sat down with underscores to talk horror movies, her undying love for Drake, Skrillex remixes, and the album of the year: Wallsocket. you can find april @underscores or @underscoresplus on all platforms, or follow her directly here: instagram ▶ twitter ▶ soundcloud ▶ spotify ▶ and you can follow BACKLIGHT here: we hosted a watch party for this interview in the BACKLIGHT discord server, join it here: and you can follow noah, the interviewer, here: intro sound/graphics supplied by our amazing graphic designer bryce, you can find his work here: huge thank you to drama trial and koriyona for operating the camera and driving the car respectively! check them out here: drama trial: koriyona: and here are each of the artists april mentioned in the interview! (sigh) drake: thatcherblackwood: wishlane: can of bliss: timestamps for each question: 0:00 intro 0:18 do you think Drake has killed someone before? 1:17 favorite and least favorite parts of the USA? 2:01 funniest interactions you've had a fans? 2:53 april asks if i like central cee 3:07 tour horror stories 4:16 what is the underscores meal? 5:08 april's personal drake playlist 5:51 why shoot all the Wallsocket music videos on an iPhone? 7:44 how do interviews like this fit into the persona of underscores? 8:41 how did you know when Wallsocket was finished? 9:24 how did you push through iterating on the album? 11:11 can we expect Wallsocket B-Sides? 11:33 it takes a village 12:30 april copies my homework 13:06 ways to stay motivated while burnt out? 13:54 have you struggled with scope creep? 15:20 advice for artists that are disillusioned with the music industry? 18:02 how did you approach the features on Wallsocket? 19:15 april and jane are synced up 19:26 do you struggle with comparing your music to others'? 21:52 what would you want to be reincarnated as? 22:17 are the airpods max worth $500? 23:11 testing how well april knows her fans 23:39 fans answer: favorite youtube poop 24:27 fans answer: favorite creepypasta 22:48 fans answer: favorite puzzle game 25:01 six impala runs geometry dash 25:26 fans answer: favorite monstercat song 26:04 fans answer: favorite video game soundtrack 26:36 fans answer: favorite regular show character 27:13 the many faces of rural america 27:24 fans answer: favorite sport 27:58 the first ever underscores song 28:13 biggest lessons learned from each album release? 29:04 how have you been handling the increased pace of tour? 30:13 horror movie tier list 34:55 how do you look back on your earlier music? 36:42 why reuse the second verse from Kinko's field trip 2006 on Uncanny long arms? 37:33 thoughts on the various interpretations of Wallsocket? 39:49 why spend so much time crafting an ARG? 41:30 does art on the internet truly last forever? 42:44 best small artists we should listen to? (links in desc) 43:52 artists you want to collaborate with? 44:53 what do you want to accomplish next? 45:05 april calls me out 46:19 outro


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