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Title:How To Use Caran D'ache NEOCOLOR ll Watercolour Pastels

Buy My Book: USA - CANADA - Patreon: Etsy shop: Instagram: Facebook: Emma Lefebvre x Craftamo brushes: Etchr Lab Cold Pressed Sketchbook: The following are Amazon affiliate links of all my supplies that I use. By using these links, I receive a small commission of every purchase (AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU). This helps to ensure I can keep my channel going! Thank you so much for all of your support! Caran D'Ache watercolour Crayons: USA - CANADA - Pigma Micron Fine Liner Pens: CANADA- USA -\ PAINT: Paul Rubens Watercolour Set: CANADA - USA - Winsor & Newton Professional Tubes: To find the colour you are looking for, click the link and select the colour from the drop down menu under Colour Name: USA - CANADA - The colours in my palette: Lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium orange, Winsor red, alizarin crimson, perylene maroon, opera rose, permanent rose, quinacridone magenta, perylene violet, Winsor violet (dioxazine), olive green, hookers green, sap green, perylene green, Winsor blue, French ultramarine, phthalate turquoise, cobalt turquoise light, cobalt blue, indigo, Paynes gray, lamp black, neutral tint, sepia, burnt umber, and brown madder. Winsor & Newton Cotman tube set: Sets are a great option if choosing colours overwhelms you. These are great options: USA - CANADA - Top 5 W&N Cotman Colours To Start With As A Beginner: (The are the individual colours I would start with when purchasing individual tubes) - Permanent Rose - Cadmium Yellow - Turquoise - Cadmium Red Deep - Hooker Green Dark My next 5 choices would be: - Dioxazine Purple - Sap Green - Prussian Blue - Burnt Umber - Black PAPER SUGGESTIONS: Arches Cold Pressed Watercolour PAPER: USA - CANADA- Wonder forest sketchbook: USA - CANADA - Paul Rubens watercolour Sketchbook: USA - CANADA - Paul Rubens 50% Watercolour Paper: USA - CANADA - BRUSHES: Princeton Snap brushes: USA - CANADA - EXTRAS: Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser: CANADA- USA- Tombow Pencils: CANADA- USA- Paint Palette: USA- CANADA- Music: Type of music: R&B & Soul Mood: Happiness Soundcloud: Download:


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