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Title:Love and Sex in the 21st Century: Episode 2: Love and Attachment Healthy Mind Body Spirit, Feravich

Annette Feravich, Ph.D. and Owner of Healthy Mind Body Spirit ( is live broadcasting on Youtube Sundays @ 4:00 p.m. EST. her newest series, Love and Sex in the 21st Century. The series takes a hierarchical perspective starting with the greatest of all desires: LOVE. This video examines Love and Attachment. Dr. Feravich explains research behind attachment styles for both infants and adults. She also gives good advice on strategies for developing healthy attachments. Take an in-depth look at love with me from a healthy perspective including healthy thoughts (mind), healthy behaviors (body), and a healthy drive (spirit). As an instructor in Positive and Health Psychology and a therapist, I have seen significant changes in people, in general, in very unhealthy ways. I know as a scientist, a teacher, a psychologist, a believer, a mother and a woman, we are running from great truths and this is leaving not only my students, but people of all ages in real turmoil. In my series on Love and Sex, I try and boil advice down to one or two take-homes that might transform your life. See what the two strategies I give for making sure that you are attaching to intimate others in healthy ways so that your adult relationship choices are also healthy.


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