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Title:1000 Players Build MASSIVE Civilization in Minecraft

In this video, I put 1000 Minecraft players onto 4 islands, each its own civilization. Each player had the freedom to do whatever they want, but they only had one life. Will there be democracy? Will there be war? Which nations will be triumphant? Find out now! If you want to play in events like these, join my Discord server: More info: Out of 8000+ applicants, 1200 players were accepted to play in my 1000 Player Civilization Experiment (also known as "Season 2"). Before the event began, players selected which island they wanted to join—plains, desert, snow, or jungle. Each day, all players logged on at the same time, and session lasted around 1-2 hours. For the most part, players could do whatever they want, including mining for resources, running a business, becoming a leader, or fighting in war. We did set a few limitations on the players to promote a better experience, like banning random killing (RDM) as well as disabling most Minecraft enchantments. DISCLAIMER: While most of the footage and plot information in this video accurately represents what actually happened in this event/experiment, some moments have been modified, reshot, or entirely fabricated for purposes of simplification or storytelling. If you want to know EXACTLY what was real/scripted, or if you just want to learn more about how I made the video, I posted a 3-hour live stream on my "ish 2" YouTube channel explaining the specifics. Intro - 0:00 Day 1 - 1:11 Day 2 - 4:12 Day 3 - 7:41 Day 4 - 11:53 Day 5 - 14:47 Day 6 - 19:27 Day 7 - 24:06 Day 8 - 30:05 Day 9 - 42:19 Day 10 - 57:49 Epilogue - 1:11:00 #Minecraft #Civilization My Twitter:


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