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Title:Does Brainwave Entrainment Hold the Key to Neurological Recovery?

Dr. Miller shares his journey from a small-town background to becoming a lead physician at NeuroSolution Center of Austin. He emphasizes the integration of chiropractic care with clinical neuroscience for holistic wellness. The podcast also delves into the effects of modern society on our health, emphasizing the importance of syncing with our circadian rhythms and managing light exposure for improved well-being. Additionally, Dr. Miller introduces 'Path,' an innovative app designed to track and support early childhood development. The app addresses the rise in developmental delays. The podcast illuminates the significance of a multidisciplinary approach to health through personal anecdotes and professional insights. The hosts advocate for awareness and early intervention in children's developmental health. Chapters 00:00:00 Welcome to The Longevity Formula 00:00:24 Dr. Cordell Miller: From Small-Town Texas to Neurosolution Pioneer 00:03:56 Dr. Miller's Journey to Chiropractic and Neuroscience 00:12:20 Exploring Photoneuromodulation and Brainwave Entrainment 00:18:12 Harnessing the Power of Trigeminal and Vagal Nerve Stimulus 00:25:48 The Vital Role of Neuroplasticity in Health and Healing 00:28:59 A Patient Story of Hope and Recovery 00:30:33 Transformative Neurofeedback Therapy 00:30:48 The Journey of Cognitive and Motor Skill Development 00:31:49 Understanding Vision's Role in Sensory Processing 00:34:11 Diving Deep into Neuroplasticity and Its Limitations 00:35:47 Nutrition's Impact on Brain Optimization 00:42:18 Harnessing the Polyvagal Theory for Social Engagement 00:48:05 Practical Tips for Enhancing Brain Function 00:52:28 Navigating Modern Society's Impact on Brain Health 01:01:02 Path, A Revolutionary App for Developmental Tracking 01:04:57 Final Thoughts and Encouragement For more information, resources, and podcast episodes, visit


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