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Title:This Event From Scar’s Past Might Change Your Mind About Him Being The ‘Bad Guy’...

This Event From Scar’s Past Might Change Your Mind About Him Being The ‘Bad Guy’…| Villain Backstory Scar always seemed like a Disney villain that had a lot more depth than The Lion King led fans to believe, and it looks like that was true. Thanks to various shows and books that have come out about the world of The Lion King since the film's release, it’s been revealed that Scar wasn’t always the evil lion that the rest of his Pride saw him as. In fact, his back story was one that was truly heartbreaking and even revealed the tragic secret of how he actually got the nickname, Scar. Subscribe for Disney Universe review, highest grossing Pixar films, and all Disney Movies. Inspired by Isaac Carlson, SuperCarlinBrothers, and Inspired by Film Theory: Why Scar is the RIGHTFUL King! (Disney Lion King) Inspired by Dark Theories About The Lion King That Change Everything Inspired by Why Nala Left The Pride Lands (DARK TRUTH) | Discovering The Lion King Inspired by The Origins Of Scar’s Scar: Every Legend We Know! Inspired by Scar BEFORE The Lion King (Full Story) | How He Got His Scar And Name: Discovering Disney Also check out: Deluxe is the top source of theories, movie fun facts, movie reviews, and behind the scenes information for everything within the Disney Universe. Join us on our magical journey! Click here to subscribe: Click here to subscribe: Check out the official Deluxe Amazon Store! 💛Keep being awesome everyone!!💛


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