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Title:Is it worth having kids?

Fertility rates are falling across the rich world, as more and more people are weighing up whether to have children. Raising them can be stressful and cost a fortune, but they might bring you a lot of joy. So all things considered, on International Women's Day, is it worth having kids? #childcare 00:00 - Is it worth having kids? 00:36 - Do kids make parents happy? 03:12 - Why people used to have more children 04:11 - The expense of having kids 05:24 - Parental leave 08:03 - Childcare 09:42 - The “motherhood penalty” 13:45 - The macroeconomics of children Sign up to The Economist’s daily newsletter: Why there are so few babies in southern Europe: The glory of grandparents: The age of the grandparent has arrived: In rich countries, working women and more babies go hand in hand: Richer societies mean fewer babies. Right?: A new study finds preschool can be detrimental to children: How many American children have cut contact with their parents? Which countries have the most generous child-care policies? What will Joe Biden’s spending bill do for child care in America? How America should spend on child care: Even in lockdown, mothers bear the brunt of child care: The struggle to reduce the “motherhood penalty”: The roots of the gender pay gap lie in childhood: Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago: What’s the best age to have a baby?


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