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Title:Celebrity Nutritionist Ryan Fernando Delves into Anti-Aging, Sugar Craving&Restaurant Food Concerns

In this podcast, Ryan Fernando delves into optimal food choices for gut health and youthful appearance, sugar consumption trends, the significance of fermented foods, and the rationale behind avoiding restaurant dining! @celebritynutritionistryan #GutFeeling #DrPal #ryanfernando #gutfeelingpodcast #healthyeating #healthyhabits #timerestrictedeating #intermittentfasting #eatclean #askdocpal #gutarmy Subscribe to my channel: @DrPal to never miss a notification! Follow me on Instagram: Medical comedy (Medcom) shows: I love doing medical comedy (medcom) stand-up shows. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all in person and also to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle. My upcoming show details: 📍Raleigh - 16th March 2024 🔗 📍Charlotte - 17th March 2024 🔗 📍San Antonio - 6th April 2024 🔗 📍Austin - 7th April 2024 🔗 #medcom #DrPalMedcomShow For Collabs & Enquiries: Email: Also, you can listen to my podcast on your favourite audio platforms: ✅ Spotify: ✅ Amazon Music: Subscribe to our 2 new channels for Podcast Shorts & Clips: @GutFeelingPodcastShorts @GutFeelingPodcastClips 00:00 Coming up on the podcast 01:37 Dr.Ryan Fernando's secret to staying young 06:02 Controlling your visceral fat is the key 08:00 Visceral Fat 09:23 The difference between subcutaneous and visceral fat 11:28 The dangers of Palm oil 13:24 Your body is your most expensive real estate 14:29 We are eating more than we require! 16:44 How celebrities plan their schedule to stay fit 18:24 Checking your body age through visceral fat 21:00 The ideal body fat percentage! 24:35 How to manage weight post-pregnancy 30:01 Measuring basal metabolic rate (BMR) 33:29 How Dr. Ryan Makes a Diet chart! 38:48 When should you eat protein supplements 42:45 Organic food and the dirty dozen! 49:15 Are fruit sugars healthy? 53:03 Pal’s Puzzling Questions! 01:00:48 What’s more healthy?


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