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Title:Becoming an Accidental Expert with Kyle T. Webster (Part 1 of 2)

Take my class COMPOSITION FOR ILLUSTRATORS! Use this link and get 1 month free on Skillshare! — ( I'm excited to share with you part 1 of a 2-part conversation I had with illustrator and pioneering digital brush-maker, Kyle T. Webster. Kyle is the guy behind the many, many digital illustration brushes (2,400 and counting) that come bundled with Adobe Photoshop and Fresco. In this episode we talk about his beginnings as an aspiring illustrator many years ago, and how he slowly but steadily built up a small empire around his digital brushes — which have no doubt shaped the world of digital illustration as we know it today. We have a wide ranging conversation that touches on things like: • Building up an illustration portfolio when you haven't had any clients yet • Why working in different styles can make good business sense • What Kyle means when he calls himself an Accidental Expert • What Kyle finds most meaningful in his work and career, besides drawing or making brushes • Why making Creativity a way of life is necessary to building up a successful career • And much, much more! HOW TO SUPPORT Thank you for listening/watching! 01 — Share this episode/podcast with a friend. This is the single most effective way to help grow this podcast. 02 — Support me on Patreon at • $8 Drawing Buddies gain exclusive access to my monthly Draw With Me meetups. • Join for as low as $3 to get 20% off my 1-on-1 coaching sessions 03 – Take my Skillshare classes! • Visit ( to find links to all my classes. Use these links and get 30 days of free membership on Skillshare! 04 – Join my mailing list • Never miss an important update. Sign up at   N THIS EPISODE • Intro • Quick Intro/Bio of Adam Ming • How to Support the Podcast • The Interview (Part 1) • The Renaissance Man • What does the T in Kyle T Webster stand for? • Becoming an Accidental Expert • The Role of Experimentation and Play • Creating Opportunities and Embracing Accidents • The Importance of Mentors • Embracing Passion to find Opportunities • Living Creatively in Any Situation • The Importance of Design as a Way of Life • Finding Your Guiding Star • Leaving a Lasting Legacy • The debate on One Style vs. Many • Outro To Be Continued …. in Part 2   SHOW LINKS • Kyle's Substack and Podcast: The Accidental Expert - • Drawing Mindfulness App for iOS : Lines of Zen - • Kyle's online shop (Gumroad) for digital illustration tools - PODCAST TEAM/CREDITS  Mark Allan Falk, Audio/Video Engineer All Music, including Theme Song and Cues by Mark Allan Falk ( .   FIND ME ELSEWHERE (  


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