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Title:Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk! Ⓘ This video is intended for GENERAL AUDIENCES and can be enjoyed by adults. Hello everyone! Here's a story that Mike actually wrote about a year or so ago! I really wanted to do it now that we have Daisy with some faces, David's done such a great job narrating this and I really hope you all enjoy this. Surgery went well and I wanna thank you all for your support, had all my wisdom teeth pulled and that was such a pain to get through but I'm fully recovered now thankfully. Also, I'm getting rid of the old VHS thumbnails, we're gonna change the style up to be sorta like the late 2000s DVD releases from Anchor Bay, but in my own style. @rhydyronen is helping me update the thumbnails, so expect to see some changes! Written by: @TheBuriedTruck Narrated by: @dcg12b Content by: @Sodor Workshops @The Chairlord @Xavier - LAC @Jje09 @Crovan’s Gate Works @Sodor Factories @TPeiva @DairyCow101 @MiscMischief48, Auran, & Many more! Logo art by: @FizzledFirebox Directed by: @crasson - music Filmed in: Trainz Simulator 2019 Support us on Patreon for more frequent updates and behind the scenes looks at our videos! PATRON SHOUTOUTS ►Liam Miller Productions ►srmcd1 ►MH1994 ►TARDISTunnel ►Jerry521 ►Suddery Productions ►Alaric J. ►TTNPStudio ►TJOC9891 ►TBSN7 ►Spamcam Follow me! Today on the Island of Sodor, Daisy the Diesel Railcar meets Richard the New Engine after he spills milk everywhere! But Thomas the Tank Engine smells Something in the Air… FUNNY TRAIN SHOW IS NOT MINE #ThomasandFriends #ThomastheTankEngine #Trainz #TrainzThomas #Daisy #RichardtheNewEngine #Milk #Splash #Murdoch #Special #Crash #AccidentsHappen #AmongUs


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