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Title:Running on The Spot

Running on the Spot! Ⓘ This video is intended for GENERAL AUDIENCES and can be enjoyed by adults. Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I last posted, and I appreciate you all being patient with this video. Since my last post, I've come down with COVID which has made working on this a little harder than usual, thankfully I'm starting to feel better though. I have another winter story lined up after this which I'm excited for you all to see. I want to give a huge shout-out to Tpeiva and DairyCow101 for hooking me up with the 'Gordon's View' variant of the station building, it looks great and I can't wait until it's released so that you can all use it. Check out their site here: Secondly, a massive thank you to Xavier for whipping up the brand new S5 Tunnel asset and some new Spamcan faces! I worked for a couple of weeks on the set you see and even created the other side of the tunnel with some help from Duncan. I hope you all enjoy this video, this is one of my favorite stories from Mike. :) READ MIKE’S STORY HERE: Written by: @TheBuriedTruck Narrated by: @dcg12b Content by: @Sodor Workshops @The Chairlord @Xavier - LAC @Jje09 @Crovan’s Gate Works @Sodor Factories @TPeiva @DairyCow101 @MiscMischief48, Auran, & Many more! Logo art by: @FizzledFirebox Directed by: @crasson - music Filmed in: Trainz Simulator 2019 Support us on Patreon for more frequent updates and behind-the-scenes looks at our videos! PATRON SHOUTOUTS ►srmcd1 ►Neil the S&M 2 production ►MH1994 ►NWREdward ►TARDISTunnel ►Trainiac ►SireEmEye ►deshaunconners21 ►GrumpyEngine Productions ►iProductionameProductions1998 ►SudrianSteamers ►Jerry521 ►Lionelkid456 ►Steven Garcia118 ►Sisko the Stickerman ►TheWiseTenderEngine2001 ►TTNPStudio ►TTTE - Jonas ►TylerBozetski ►JamesSteamy ►TBSN7 Follow me! Today on the Island of Sodor, D199 Spamcan returns Missing Trucks and gets stuck in the tunnel. Edward the Blue Engine must save the day. Fuck shit fuck ass fuck FUNNY TRAIN SHOW IS NOT MINE #ThomasandFriends #ThomastheTankEngine #Trainz #TrainzThomas #D199 #Edward #Spamcan #Murdoch #Special #Crash #AccidentsHappen


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