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Title:Fame & Failure

Hello, one and all! Well, its been a hot minute since I last did an upload/story. Just over a year in fact! Not something I had intended to do but these things happen, I suppose. This story was meant to be filmed in a Series 3 style (hence why James' voice is in that Angelis inspired scouse accent). However, when I started filming, I wasn't happy with it and reverted to a Series 2 style which I think has ended up working out better. A sort of "what might have been" if Flying Scotsman had been introduced in the second series, without the additions of both Bear and Spamcan from the "Enterprising Engines" volume written by the Rev.W.Awdry. This also worked out perfectly for using @SudrianAfro fantastic Series 2 style theme of Toby the Tram Engine. His work is incredible and I encourage you all to check out his original pieces as well! Many thanks goes to him! This story had been intended to align with Flying Scotsman's 100th Birthday last year, but I guess I'm now much closer to the engines 101st Birthday instead. Still, an occasion and a much adored locomotive worth celebrating! I really hope you enjoy the story and what I've managed to do. I'll make a post as I'm sure this will get flagged for kids and I refuse to swear as that's not the aesthetic I'm wanting to achieve with my videos. Thank you goes to everyone who has crafted such amazing assets, from locos, rolling stock, routes, lighting and music. Each video in the community is a culmination of everyone's talents and hard work brought together. Without you, they'd be no story to tell. Thank you! DCG12B


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The New Banker The New Banker
11:13 - 175,067
Former Express Engine Former Express Engine
09:21 - 183,761
A High Speed Resolution A High Speed Resolution
13:05 - 97,945
The Express Engines The Express Engines
21:08 - 61,635
Duck and Diesel - A BTWF Remake - 700 sub special Duck and Diesel - A BTWF Remake - 700 sub special
23:35 - 3,522
Percy & The Ballast Trucks Percy & The Ballast Trucks
12:04 - 161,918
Triple Header Triple Header
07:49 - 175,368
Light Work Light Work
17:36 - 75,576